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NHIA Pru Districts Office Achieves 64.9% Universal Coverage in 2023, Sets Sights on 70% for 2024

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) Pru Districts Office, covering Pru East and West districts in the Bono East Region, held a stakeholders’ meeting to present their 2023 operational report. The meeting was attended by traditional leaders, healthcare providers, institutional heads, and association leaders.

District Manager, Mr. Ahmed Tamimu, presented the operational data for 2023, highlighting the office’s achievements and challenges. The office was given a target of 128,594 (71%) registrations for 2023, and they successfully registered 117,120 (91%), representing 64.9% of the district population of 180,283.

Additionally, the office exceeded its LEAP/Indigents enrollment target of 21,957 by registering 33,019. Under E-Renewals, a total of 41,059 out of 63,099 were enrolled, with most renewals linked to the GH-Card.

Regarding revenue mobilization, the office achieved ₵635,114.70 out of its budget target of ₵703,340.00 for premium and processing fees.

Despite facing challenges such as the need for an outboard motor to reach communities overbank of the Volta Lake and illegal fees (Co-payment) by service providers, the office was able to overcome them through determination and hard work.

Mr. Ahmed Tamimu declared a goal of achieving 70% universal health coverage in the districts for 2024 and encouraged his staff to work hard to achieve this target.

“I am overwhelmed by the challenges that NHIA Pru Districts Office faced, but they worked hard to overcome them. I commend them for the good work done and encourage them to continue delivering,” said Mr. Opoku Agyemang Francis, Regional PR Manager of NHIA, Bono East Region.

The manager, however ,advised Ghanaians to take care of their Gh-Card, as the NHIS Card has been merged with it, and losing it may affect healthcare accessibility.