Viral TikTok Video Garners 2.6M Views, Resulting in Waitress’s Termination

A TikTok video of a man on a “date” with a blow-up doll at a restaurant has gone viral. The video was made viral by one waitress, Tara Bjork, which drew a lot of attention online and currently has 2.6M views and this has caused the lady’s job.

The man, Henry Herrera, revealed that he was made to take the doll on a “date” after he lost his fantasy football league. Despite the awkwardness he embraced the moment and was seen feeding the doll grapes, and that caused a stare. 

Bjork’s video quickly amassed views on the internet, and it led to her being fired for filming at work. She accepted the consequences and has already secured another job, finding humor in the situation and the comments it generated. 

“The funny thing is it was my idea,” Herrera said. “So, last year we started punishments for the last-place finisher in our fantasy football league. The guy last year had to sit in a Waffle House for 24 hours, and every waffle you subtracted an hour. But we kept seeing that online, so we wanted to do something different.”

Herrera wasn’t surprised by the filming, he saw multiple phones recording him. Reflecting on his fantasy football loss, he plans to change his strategy next season to avoid similar public humiliations.

Watch the video below: