Tesla Cybertruck Experiences Another Component Issue, Causing Delivery Interruptions

Several Cybertruck buyers who were set to receive their vehicles this week are facing delays due to a safety concern with the windshield wiper motor. Despite Tesla not officially acknowledging the issue or announcing a recall, many users on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum have reported being notified about the delivery halt, with new pickup dates pushed back by a week.

These delays come in the complaints from owners who experienced windshield wiper failures, almost immediately after taking delivery of their new trucks. The issue has raised concerns among buyers who are eager to get their vehicles.

Earlier this year, Tesla had to suspend deliveries due to a separate issue involving faulty accelerator pedals that could become stuck, affecting approximately 3,878 vehicles. The resolution for that problem was relatively straightforward, requiring the installation of a rivet, which allowed deliveries to quickly resume.

The recurring issues with the Cybertruck’s components have put Tesla under scrutiny, as customers and industry watchers await the company’s official response. While the previous accelerator pedal issue was swiftly addressed, it remains to be seen how quickly Tesla can resolve the current windshield wiper motor problem and resume the halted deliveries.