New Developments in AKA Shooting Incident Point to Businessman’s Possible Involvement

Court Documents Suggest Link Between Murders and Well-Known South African Businessman.

The tragic shooting incident that claimed the lives of South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, popularly known as AKA, and his friend Tibz Motsoane outside a Durban restaurant in February 2023 has taken a new turn with police investigations pointing to a possible connection with a prominent businessman.

According to court documents related to the trial of the alleged gunmen, there are indications of a potential link between the murders and a well-known businessman, Sydney Mfundo Gcaba, who is a member of a powerful South African family.

The documents reveal that a company owned by Mr. Gcaba transferred over 800,000 rands to one of the suspects, Mziwethemba Harvey Gwabeni, just a day after the tragic incident.

Prosecutors have presented phone records showing a call between Gwabeni and Mr. Gcaba before the transfer of funds. However, Mr. Gcaba has yet to respond to these allegations.

According to the prosecution, the money transferred by Mr. Gcaba’s company was allegedly divided among the seven suspects involved in the shooting incident.

Gwabeni, one of the suspects, claims that he received the funds for consulting services provided to the company. However, prosecutors argue that there is insufficient evidence to support this claim.

The Gcaba family, known for their significant business presence in South Africa, including a prominent taxi empire, has not publicly commented on the allegations.

Authorities are continuing their investigation to uncover any possible motive behind Mr. Gcaba’s alleged involvement in the murder of AKA and his friend.