Yvonne Nelson Calls Out Leaders Over Tema General Hospital Power Outage

Actress Expresses Concern as Newborns Suffer Amidst Power Cuts.

Ghanaian actress and filmmaker Yvonne Nelson has expressed her deep concern over the recent power outage at the Tema General Hospital. The incident left newborn babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) sweltering in the heat, highlighting the ongoing struggle with intermittent power cuts in the country. In a viral video from the hospital, a nurse spoke about the risk to infants’ lives due to the power cut. Yvonne Nelson did not mince words, calling out the country’s leaders as “wicked” and questioning how President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo could sleep at night amidst such dire infrastructure challenges. Her tweet, accompanied by the hashtag #DUMSORMUSTSTOP, reflects the frustration felt by many Ghanaians who continue to grapple with persistent power outages, locally known as “Dumsor.”

The situation has reignited public anger, even as the government claims improvements compared to past administrations. However, the recent cuts have underscored the urgent need for sustainable solutions to address the power crisis. In a separate video, mothers were seen fanning their babies with cloth in the wards after the electricity went out. Just 24 hours earlier, another video showed the neonatal ward plunged into darkness due to lack of power. Tragically, a newborn lost its life due to the erratic power supply situation at the facility. The hospital’s backup generator, intended to provide emergency power, has faced challenges, exacerbating the crisis. Calls for a reliable power supply persist, but the impact on healthcare delivery remains a pressing concern.

As Ghanaians grapple with the consequences of “Dumsor,” Yvonne Nelson’s impassioned plea serves as a stark reminder that lives are at stake. The nation awaits decisive action from its leaders to ensure uninterrupted power supply, especially in critical healthcare settings. The hashtag #DUMSORMUSTSTOP reverberates across social media, urging accountability and lasting solutions to prevent further loss of life.