Pharrell Set to Feature A Line of Artists in His Biopic “Piece by Piece”

The Upcoming Lego Movies Have a Great Line of Artist From the Hiphop Industry.

The buzz around the much-anticipated Pharrell Williams Lego movie, “Piece by Piece,” is real.  A handful of artists get to have their biopic, and this man chose to make it out of Lego, isn’t that genius?

Pharrell's "Piece by Piece" movie art
The movie poster shows Pharrell’s imaginative and creative process, he constructs Lego models representing his artistic development where each build reflects a different creative milestone.

“Building with LEGO bricks encourages us to follow our imagination … who would’ve thought that playing with these toys as a kid would evolve into a movie about my life,” said Williams. “It’s proof that anyone else can do it too.”

This animation movie has a unique blend of characters from the hiphop world, including Kendrick Lamar, Timberland, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, and Snoop Dogg, which they all voiced themselves.  The Lego movie is also accompanied by new music from Pharrell Williams.

Official Trailer for “Piece by Piece”

Fans are buzzing with excitement, especially those who are both Lego enthusiasts and hip-hop fiends. The call for a Lego version of Pusha T is growing louder, with hopes that the movie will pay homage to his significant contributions to Pharrell’s early career with Clipse.